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A weekly icontest for the series Axis Powers Hetalia

is a weekly icon contest for fans of the manga/anime/online comic Axis Powers Hetalia! Please be sure to read the rules and guidelines for submitting and voting. Thanks for joining the community and welcome!

All members of the community are able to submit their icons.

1) All icons must follow LJ's requirements (no greater than 40KB and exactly 100x100 pixels)
2) Each week's participants may only enter one icon per theme unless otherwise specified.
3) Please don't be rude. Constructive criticism is helpful and is allowed. If you have a comment about the icon, feel free to include it with your voting ballot and I will try to include it with the results!
4) The icons entered must be made by you and made specifically for the contest.
5) Your icon must not have been advertised or shown before the end of the contest. Do not get your friends or family to vote for you, or Gilbert and his Gilbird will be coming after your vital regions. He doesn't like people being more awesome than he is
6) You are not allowed to vote for your own icon.
7) All submitted icons should not be used, posted or shown to the public before the end of the contest that it was submitted for (after the results are posted up).

Disclaimer: The rules were mostly referenced off kh_iconawards

The new themes will be announced soon after the voting post for that week's theme. Submissions are accepted Monday through to the next Friday (a total of two weeks for submission). Submit the icon to the theme prompt post through the comments and include the following:

1) Username
2) Icon (this should be the HTML code <*img src="URL">[minus the asterix])
3) Icon URL

All submissions will be screened.

Submissions should look similar to the example below:

Username: il_mare_luccica
Icon URL: http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v113/Saiyuki_Reload/Eine%20Klein%20Work/Hetacontest/Icon01.png
Lines: (for silent icons only)
Credit: (Optional, but preferred) Textures by N.O Nameous, Art by N.O Nameous II

Any one is allowed to vote. Voting begins on Friday at 8:00pm (Mountain Time- Canada) and carries on until Sunday at 4:00pm (Mountain Time- Canada). All votes are screened and the voting prompt entry will outline how many icons you are allowed to vote for.

After the winners are announced, the submission post will be unscreened.

Special Categories
Special categories will rotate each week and there will be one winner for the specific category. Please vote for a special category in the voting post as well.

Best Use of Colour- the icon that displays the most appealing colours
Best Cropping- the icon that uses the best and/or most creative positioning
Most Creative- the icon that is the most creative and unique
Best Image- the icon which used the best image
Most Eye-Catching- the icon that is the most attention grabbing
Best Use of Text- the icon that displays the best by text placement and/or font
Best Emotion- the icon that shows the most emotion
Best Interpretation- the icon that best interprets the theme
Best Use of Texture- the icon that uses textures in the most effective way

Please help support hetacontest by posting this on your profile! Feel free to make/submit your own to go here too!

Banner Makers
If you’d like to apply for a position of banner maker, please refer to this post.

Banner Makers:

Hall of Fame
Coming soon!

Members who have placed first three times will be placed in the Hall of Fame. Winners of this award are asked to refrain from submitting icons for the next three weeks to keep things fair. One is allowed to enter again after this period.

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